INART d.o.o. is a construction company dealing with finishing works in the construction process, i.e. conversions of apartments, houses, business premises, as well as the construction of prefabricated structures, in which we see the future of our company!  Find out more…


Through the years we have gained considerable experience and expertise in construction projects and we believe that we can help you with our professional consultancy. If you need a professional advice, feel free to contact us.


As a long time and successful contractor we have many satisfied customers and we work with quality materials; our design engineers work with us to decide on conceptual solutions that will truly impress you. Take a look at our reference gallery.


INART d.o.o. offers floor laying works in stone, ceramics and wooden materials. We place massive parquet and laminates at favourable prices, and we renovate outdated floors by grinding and re-varnishing as desired by the investor. If you want to change the colour of you wooden floor, we offer a colouring procedure that will give the desired shade to the floor. In our offer, we have examples of already painted bases depending on the type of wood and age. We advise you on the colour of the wooden floor that will affect the overall appearance of the room and the furniture in it, and on the tone of the wall colour that will make the room harmonious and enhance your mood.


The installation of Knauf or Rigips gypsum sheathing boards, or dry-assembly, is a modern method of interior construction of business and residential buildings, and it has become more and more frequent due to its fast installation and finishing quality. All dry construction systems complement each other thus providing cost-effective solutions. In this form of construction we can carry out almost every idea; this can be most often seen in catering and public facilities where imaginatively designed ceilings and walls, using various wall paintings and other materials used with gypsum sheathing, leave the impression of glamor and thus raise the value and create a certain image. We install partition walls, drop ceilings of all shapes and uses, wall coatings, as well as decorative and functional elements such as junction boxes, indirect lighting, closets and shelves. With the use of dry-assembly partition walls we can achieve greater flexibility in the design, while with the use of mineral wool, maximum thermal and sound insulation is attained. The installation is simple, without subsequent works, and no use of masonry chisels or such tools is required. Suspended or dropped ceilings offer countless mounting options and a design that suits your taste, whether your needs are functional or decorative.


We perform all repairs related to the exchange of old joinery or already installed PVC, ALU and wooden joinery. When installing the joinery, it is necessary to first remove the old joinery, so in such a process some damage is caused to the inside and outside of the wall, which, after installing the new joinery, is to be repaired as soon as possible, otherwise the polyurethane foam may deteriorate while affected by external conditions such as temperature and humidity. If the edges around the windows are not properly sealed, there is a possibility of water penetration, which can cause subsequent damage to the wall, and mould and fungus can appear in the places affected by moisture. We offer more processing options depending on your needs, functionality and aesthetic design. When processing, we use various materials such as classic plaster, autoclaved aerated concrete, styropor and styrodur. For all our works, in the final part of the work we set a glass-fibre mesh that prevents cracks caused by the difference of the material, as well as a flexible adhesive in two coats. When finishing the edges of the windows we trowel finish the surface and paint the skim coat in white colour or, upon request of the client, in the existing wall colour. We try to equalize the colours as much as possible, but often there is a difference in colour because the shade depends on the environment and on the influence of other factors such as smoke, moisture, mould and type of colour.


Painting is an integral part of the interior decoration of any structure and thus our specialization. INART offers you painting of walls using various techniques such as “Spatolato”, ”Sponging”, ”Broken Finish”, ”Rag Rolling”, ”Marmorato”, ”Strie”and many others, depending on your wishes. In the case of conversions, and depending on wall damage, we recommend covering the walls with flexible adhesive and glass-fibre mesh to prevent cracks and to allow the joining of the existing base and the new materials. We use high quality impregnation and plaster to skim coat the existing roughness that, after drying, is grinded manually and mechanically until completely smooth. We spread the impregnation on the grinded surface in order to connect the free particles and, after drying, we dye the surface in two to three coatings depending on the colour coverage and colour tone equilibrium. We always try to work with the highest quality materials and colours and therefore we suggest their use; however, if the client does not have the financial ability to cover the costs of the best materials, we can offer other materials that best fit the project’s financial framework.


INART d.o.o. works also on the installation of weak current: upgrading existing systems and installing completely new systems. As a company operating on turnkey projects, we offer clients the installation of electricity as a contractor and the placing of water installations in collaboration with our own manufacturers. Apart from the installation of electricity, we also deal with the installation of alarm systems, antenna connections and telephony infrastructures. The work is done in two phases, the first phase is the placing of the installations, after which we finish the other construction works. After the finishing works are completed and the space is fully ready for use, we come to the second phase of setting the finishing elements such as light fixtures, switches and sockets. After completing the job, we test all components and devices, and we guarantee the correctness of the installation with our signature.


Prefabricated houses are the future of construction and the trend of building such homes is growing. The European Union requires energy levels that only low-energy or passive houses meet, while at the same time their price remains a viable investment. From year to year, due to their upsides, prefabricated houses are increasingly becoming a popular type of family and business facilities construction. Such facilities are characterized by drastic savings in time spent on the construction itself and by the precision of construction. When it comes to thermal insulation properties of prefabricated structures, they are unparalleled with classical masonry construction due to their ability to maintain temperatures, whether in the winter or summer. A low-energy house is a house that uses a maximum of 30 kWh/m2/year of energy for heating, while a passive house consumes a maximum of 15 kWh/m2/year of energy for heating.